Tips on finding your WHY

Why are you here?

Why are you on the planet?

What is waiting to awaken in you so you can share your gifts?

I found when I was sharing with people what I did, it lacked depth. However when you get clear on WHY you do what you do, what is your purpose and WHY are you on the planet – people connect.

I recommend listing the values and beliefs that serve you.

For example some of mine are:

  • Freedom (truth)
  • Passion (heart opening)
  • Self acceptance
  • Self responsibility

Then list your goals. Mine for example: I ignite the light in others, empower the world with sustainable, attainable wellness solutions, live an abundant life, live my soul’s purpose of love and truth, connect people, end the struggle, be real.

In the mix of the two, you’ll find your WHY.

Vanessa’s Why

Vanessa Browne has experienced deep emotional turmoil, the struggle that so many humans on planet are experiencing. She has unearthed the gifts buried in the darkness and ignited holistic balance.

Vanessa is love personified, living an exceptional, integrated, human magnificence. Vanessa is on the planet to awaken the magnificence in everybody she meets. Her soul’s purpose emanates far beyond her own healing, knowing that it is your birthright to live a life of joy, she is here to be of service and to share these gifts with you. This is WHY Vanessa is on a mission to impart this wisdom with you, with humanity.

“The answers you seek, are within, waiting to be awakened if you so choose.” Vanessa Browne


The HOW is how you do what you do – what is authentic and unique about how you do what you do. For me everything I do and be is holistic, a balance of the Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional. My commitment to integrity and working from the heart, co-creatively connected to the universe I believe is one of my greatest gifts. I bring new meaning to LIVING in the moment – I am in the flow – the most powerful connected place to be. That’s how I go about living my Why.

The WHAT is what you do – for example I am a empowerment coach, integrated healer, successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and sustainable wellness educator, I inspire thousands of people to unearth all that disconnect them from being their best version. By imparting attainable, sustainable solutions that ignite humanity to awaken and shine, to living a life of purpose.

Get clear on WHY you are here and go do that. Wherever you focus your energy becomes your reality – it’s so simple. Choose to be a victim, get more victim, live in drama manifest more drama. YOU have the power you have a CHOICE. Decide and do it! MAKE a difference beautiful people.