Your going to what?
Yes indeed 
We’re, life learners, freedom Seekers 
Yes indeed, here we are

Oh, the places we’ll go!

Echo’s of “Are you …beep beep crazy”

…. You’ll never have any time to yourself
…. Your child won’t be socialised
…. How will they learn … you don’t know everything

…..How can you be with your child that much, you’ll end up killing them

…..What about your work and your business you’ve grown?
…. Some of us don’t have that luxury

All of these assumptions/judgements, of course,

don’t belong to us – however, I’ll speak to a few of them.

The truth is this

We are ecstatic about our home/life learning journey
We are also mindful not to buy into other people’s opinions around this

We absolutely honour you, you may be a parent, educator, grandparent, we respect the choices you make for your children, we know you make them with absolute trust that what you choose is right for your loved one

My intention here is not to persuade you to agree, not to invite  (separation) – but to bring awareness and understanding.

Actually, this has always been my way

I’ve always shared my truth from a place of love and vulnerability. Let’s be honest in today’s climate its clear that we all perceive differently, our greatest gift to the world right now, is to see and hear each other, even if we don’t align.


Because to hold space for one another, is the greatest gift we can give.

To live without fear of what other people think supports freedom and harmony in all aspects of our lives.

That’s freedom

It’s your birthright and its mine

So this is us, here we are
Ready for anything

Back to some of those opinions that we’ve heard;

…. You’ll never have any time to yourself

Gosh, I actually have much more time to myself, because I’m not pulled in so many directions, feeling worn out doing things that no longer aligned. The time I now have is quality time. (More on that later!)

…. Your child won’t be socialised

We don’t lock our children away at home, we have a beautiful network of people we tap into, the opportunities for social interaction is diverse and nourishing.

…. How will they learn … you don’t know everything – lol, obviously we wouldn’t be on the planet if we knew everything.
From the moment we are conceived we are learning, it’s innate, a child cannot help but learn. As guides to their learning experience, many times we’re learning alongside – excited to expand our own awareness and limiting beliefs around our potentiality.

We learn best when our holistic needs are met, once that foundation is met, anything is possible!

…..How can you be with your child that much, you’ll end up killing your them – Lol I hope not, the vision is a more connected relationship – it’s amazing already this is being cultivated

…What about your work and your business you’ve grown- Ironically, this is my work!

I am in the business of empowerment
There is no greater power than to allow a child to lead their learning journey

I’m still living my passions, I’m not 24 7 attached to our children.

Some of us don’t have that luxury…..the truth is we have created our lives by design, taking the opportunities we’ve had, we’ve made good decisions, gone without things in the past to bring us to where we are now. This lifestyle is one we choose with absolute knowing that it is a beautiful fit for us.

Was Jesse doing well at school? – absolutely,  he’s an all-rounder, but lockdown showed us what is possible, it was hard to ignore the space Jesse stepped into during this time, it was so inspiring to see him shining. If I’m completely honest, I have always wanted to support our children in their life learning journey full time, however, I always allowed my fears to block that possibility. I’m not who I was then, my tapestry of self-healing, personal development, and experience is rich – having now arrived at a place of complete contentment, in relation to who I am, where I am, and where I am going.

At this place, I ponder what is success?

Is it comparing yourself to a standard, measuring ourselves against peers? Because as far as I can see comparison is the thief of joy. Or is it more than that? Could it be that success is something that can’t be measured, yet the resonance of it can be felt, because it just is?

Is success the feeling of holistic balance, is it the way we navigate our struggles, is the sweet way we just surrender to what is, trusting that we are exactly where we are meant to be,  because from what I’ve experienced when we arrive at this place, anything is possible.

Ahhh we feel so blessed

Our home learning experience has already been so enriching, echos of laughter and love can be felt coming from our home.