When I first heard this soul spark, it spoke to me.

We all resonate at a different vibration and we will be drawn and attract those at that vibration, those who we need to learn from and teach at that time.

We are not always going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s OK, some like coffee.

As we grow, evolve and live in alignment with who we are we will sometimes be subject to judgment from others. I’ve come to believe that, that is OK too! Because in all honesty the person (or people) judging or gossiping and the person witnessing this and not being brave enough to speak up with their truth, are only speaking/coming from their own perception. It’s never about us, its always about them. In fact, their opinions are none of your business.

My advice is loVe them anyway. They may be struggling in their own lives and that needs to be met with love, not more judgment.

So keep rising, keep shining, keep being your best version. And always ask yourself in any situation, “What would love do?”, then do that!

Use your oils as support, Forgive blend over the heart comes in handy here. And Franky boy to be in your truth.

With loVe Beauties <3