Sometimes going back to where you started is ok
You know those times in life, that you start something, leave it for a while and pick it back up when it flows
I started writing a book in 2017 – I’ve just dusted it off
Gosh we’ve learned so much in the past three years
I understand why I needed to put it down and why now I’m coming back to it
We experience so much growth in three years
Those life experiences are going to truly add some flavor
I was looking over the content and found this piece of wisdom ….
Did you know, nothing outside of you has the power to disengage your intense passion to want the best for your life
Mmmm interesting, and such a divine statement to be reading at this profound time in history

 Nothing has that kind of power over you – your strength is found within

You are your heart, your soul
You are not your name, your job, what others think you are – you are much more than that
When you start to consider the power of our minds, it’s wise to be selective in what you fed it,  because it’s where you live most of the time

It’s true

Whatever you are creating up there – in your mind space, becomes

your every moment, your reality

So as we navigate new beginnings
You can start to consciously choose your thoughts
As you set intentions for you and your families going forward
Question everything that doesn’t feel right
Consider all things that aren’t necessarily logical at first glance
I love this quote, I’ve observed it play out throughout my 42 years on the planet, we can observe how true it also is, as we glance back through human evolution

“All truth passes through three stages.

First it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Sometimes you’ve gotta cut yourself some slack too, the beauty of “We don’t know what we know until we know” is a powerful statement to remember as you navigate your way through the waves of life
I truly believe that being open to possibility gifts us fertile ground for growth
Let your heart lead you
Be concerned only, with your truth, your intention, you are the person who will be living your life, so choose wisely
Be open to acknowledging and respecting others with differing opinions and perceptions
Freedom then flows throughout your interactions and relationships, which then ripples out into your life
Love deeply
Live a purposeful existence, with the desire to see others shine
In service – in whatever way that looks for you
For our earth, our people, our future generations
You then experience more fulfillment, more joy, more freedom
So go now, live your life as if you have nothing to lose,
Because when you do you’ll make every moment count, you won’t entertain gossip, talking about others, comparing yourself, worrying about things you can’t control.

You won’t spend another moment lowering your vibration reacting,

instead you’ll start responding to your life,

in a purposeful way.

You’ll finally have a sense of freedom that could never be taken even if you were locked up or down


Because you’ll expereince the truth of non attachment, you’ll realise that you are not your material possessions, name, age, occupation etc

You are much more than that

Discover that and you’ve found freedom

In freedom
You truly are living …. and that’s why we are here hey Beautiful
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In the meantime,

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