Who does a heap of thinking near the ocean?


I do it’s such a meditative space in there – we were blessed to get some beach time in last week –

I spent some time reflecting


Jesse and I have been dancing this new dance, well not just Jesse and I, we all have

With Jesse, coming home for life learning

It’s been, again, interesting the assumptions people make;

I guess when you live a life unhinged, that is different from the majority of folk, it comes with the territory … we may just be weirdo’s, or hippies, if that’s what this is, I’m stoked to be those things! lol 

These ol’ assumptions, based on each person’s experiences, have been coming in thick and fast, not directly of course, but they’ve found their way back to us! Lol

Those who say “Are they crazy, feck that”

Perhaps they came to that conclusion based on their own home school experience during lockdown?Or maybe from an old belief around people who homeschool?

Who knows, what others think, is not really my business anyway

Ya know, home learning, for us, is nothing like online learning during lockdown

I thought I’d share a few reflections of the beginning of this journey we’ve chosen to embark on

The truth is – for us, we wouldn’t be doing this if;

– I had not have engaged in a heap, I mean a heap of personal development work – it’s been, at times a treacherous journey, not for faint-hearted, but here I am, deservedly balanced, because I walked the path, faced myself, did the work

– We had to follow the current school learning curriculum

– We didn’t understand Jesse’s learning style

– We didn’t know how to surrender and truly let the interests and passions of Jesse’s lead the way

– I didn’t let go of a few things that have been taking up space in my life

– We didn’t set clear boundaries

– We also couldn’t do this without the support of our families and the wider community

– The understanding that children unfold in their own beautiful way in their own time

We needed to transform the way we do things, letting go of limiting beliefs, flow, and be.

Learnings so far;

When I set boundaries and chose to gift energy only to those things I truly LOVE – everything flows

Learning is innate!  For Jesse, freedom in his learning has seen a thirst for learning emerge – the kind of excitement he showed in his early preschool years 

That this is really about a lifestyle of learning

That I am actually the student

That my own journey through the school system left me with some limiting beliefs around my own abilities! It’s been refreshing to shine some light on those!

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. “ William Faulkner – Resonates! Yeooow, excited for what’s possible.