A mantra for you

Just a little reframing on where your intention and focus could be instead of the C-word 19!

Beautiful, can I ask you to feel into this truth?


“Nothing outside of me has the power to disengage my intense passion to want the best for my life.”


Dropping into this mantra – say quietly to yourself:

I am not my name, my job, who you think I am, the labels.

I am more than that.

I AM MY heart, my soul.

I don’t live here in this house, town or place.

The truth is:

The power of my mind creates the space I live in.

Whatever I am creating and focusing on up there truly becomes my life, my reality, my every moment.


Question everything that doesn’t feel right.

Consider all things that aren’t logical.


Let your heart lead you.

Let your gut inform you.

Do not worry about what people think of you. Focus on what YOU think of you.


Your freedom is much more important than worrying about someone in their ego judgment space.


Love your people.

Keep em close.


Love those who wrong you, for they know not what they do.


Planting those seeds

Watering them

Tend to your garden

Weeding out

We’ve been doing this for a long time.


Why am I sharing this?


Why would I share these thoughts, what would be my intention?


In service

For greater humanity

To fulfill my purpose, supporting you all to step into empowerment and live your life in your best version


Love life as if you have nothing to lose, because when you do, you’ll make every moment count. You won’t entertain gossip, compare yourself, or worry about things you can’t control.


You’ll finally have a sense of freedom that could never be taken from you even if you were locked up.




Because you are not your material possessions, your name, your age, etc.

You are more than that.

Find that and you’ve found freedom .



In freedom

You truly live



You know this is the kind of life that lights you up.

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But nobody grows on the fluffy days.

You, my freedom-seeking sister, are amazing! See you there – book online