I took a breath, and all the demons started to fire out of my mouth
A flash of my inner voice said “Now you gotta walk your talk girl”

You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure
Because if you’re human
You’ve been triggered
And some days the farking triggers
Come hard and fast

Now you may be thinking I’m about to tell you, I regained composure and walked my talk
In which you may think to yourself, oh there she goes again like the son of a preacher man

Well here’s the authenic truth

We were headed out to cross country this day
And gosh do I curl the other way when I got to be somewhere at a certain time
Yes I’m a free spirit
I’m not sure how I did it for all those years!

Lasanga pieces all over the lounge
Alo was next level challenging
At the time, I was in the middle of a cleanse – and boy was it all coming out
I’d also been doing, diamond template purification work with Karen (amazing by the way)
Alo was in his third set of clothing
I couldn’t find him, then I heard the outside hose
He was wet again
We’re late leaving
Breathe Mumma
I asked him to grab a new top
Nex Minute
I find Alo in his room, he’d pulled EVERYthing out of the draws

On reflection,  these things
they’re no big deal really
most days I’d flow through this
but this was one of dem days

Budda bang budda boom
Oh wow, devil women exploded

And although I know deep to my core
That what I am being triggered by
Is a reflection of me – ouch!
A reflection of all that I haven’t embraced and loved about me
Dang … that hits home every-time!
In that moment, I hadn’t quite focused on this perspective

Oh well, learning always
I wanted to share with you
That there are days I fall of the ol’ wagon
And instead of sitting here
With mum guilt
I’m choosing to share these tender moments with you

How do I move through these moments?
I choose to be gentle with me
I choose to be vulnerable around my children – to unpack it with them
I choose to put my hand up and say “I’m learning”
I choose to share all aspects of my emotions
I choose to be raw and real
I choose love because as far as I can see thats the best option

Big Love to all of you out there who resonate on this