Love letter to Alo March 19th 2020

Mumma I’m tired, oh so tired

Alo, you’ve almost been with us 3 years, “I’m tired’ has not part of your vocabulary!

You’ve resisted sleep since the day you arrived

You’ve had a strong desire to be awake,  living life to the fullest

For the first time you felt you needed to rest

I observed you navigate your way through, from feeling confused to settling into the flow

Why was you hardworking daddy all of a sudden here 24/7

“Go to work Dad” you exclaimed

For three days you slept, longer than usual, you processed, you embraced some big emotions

You’ve been showing us just how perceptive you are

You’ve been calling in more cuddles

I’m savoring those

With love and connection we can navigate anything buddy

That’s resilience

Alo you’re the epidomy of presence, joy and love

The range of emotions – you feel them all, and fully

From joy to tears,  you remind me and those around you,  the importance of feeling deeply.

Ok maybe we haven’t seen dad crying this week, … but we’ve sure noticed his presence and pace slow down and that’s pretty special hey buddy

Daddas tears will show up when he sees Mumma walking down the aisle, I’m sure of it!


Love letter to Jesse 19 March 2020

Jesse, as I watched you today

I noticed the subtle ways you’ve shifted

Jesse, you wouldn’t have experienced these gems if life was the same

They call it lock down, for you it’s the low down/slow down as you truly shining with confidence

The only constant we can ever rely on is change

I’ve watched your shoulders drop as you navigate change with ease

I’ve seen you drop into you

All the echo’s that were with you from the school playground

All, that COVID noise

Left your space

Jesse, I’ve been noticing with space and time you are truly tuning into your truth

You’ve been on the planet for 8 years, you continue to inspire me with your wisdom

You decided to carry on with school and have your holidays after Easter

So together you and I created your lockdown curriculum

I’ve watched you soak up knowledge, learning in different ways

To be honest you’ve been teaching me!

In your rhythm, to the beat of your own drum, the ways of the land and beyond

I watched you transform scoffing your down your food, to savoring and enjoying every bite

Watched you connecting with Dad and Alo

Trying new things, pushing your limits

You’ve grown so much and it’s only been two weeks

This lockdown, some may feel restricted

Yet in you I see such freedom

I’ve seen you start to see all the ways you are blessed

Wow-what could be possible from here

I know already for sure COVID 19 is a catalyst for collective change

And that starts with each Individual

Watching YOU Jesse ignites an optimism in me that has no bounds

Oh what could be possible.

LoVe you our little earth warrior ️