Having less time now has gifted me so much expansion

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?


I’ve noticed, when I have those moments of space waiting for me

It’s valued

It’s a gift

What I choose for that space is soul-fulfilling

Of course, this theme isn’t completely new to me

I’ve been committing to using my time wisely for some time now

However so, with this new lifestyle, the time on the clock may be less – however that space offers much more

Selecting what truly aligns for me

The power to choose is a profound gift


In these moments

I’m filling my cup


not quantity


Choosing to fill these moments

By design

By choice


So here I am, with less space, yet I am

Emanating health

Emanating happiness

Emanating freedom

Emanating love in my relationships


When you feel this, you know you are living your life in alignment with your purpose


Life flows easily

Energy is abundant


If you are experiencing constant struggle

Reoccurring  drama in your life

Disconnection in your relationships


Then maybe beautiful one, it’s time to reassess your direction


May you find the place in your heart that gifts you the sweet whispering of your souls purpose


It’s your birthright and its mine