Hey Beautiful

Can we chat, from my heart to yours, doesn’t it just irk you when you hear of girls making life difficult for other girls! Blah it’s one of those aspects about being a female that I, and perhaps many of you have navigated, and learned to rise above.

Recently, I was chatting with a 15-year-old girl

It took me straight back to my 15-year-old self …. those days for me, were somewhat challenging. I think they now call that soul-expansion, however for me at that time, I felt like I was navigating mapless!

Indeed life for a 15-year-old nowadays is different, although many of our challenges and struggles are fundamentally similar.

This beauty shared with me, an experience she’d been having; she had been hanging out with some girls who always love to hang at a particular spot somewhere at school, she felt drawn to vibe with a group of girls who do different things at lunchtime.

Awesome, go where you are drawn. Right?

Follow your heart. Right?

Surely that’s fine? Right?

Of course, until someone

Is triggered, until someone makes it mean something about themselves

Then it’s a thing, fuelled by drama

Can we just let people be who they want to be?

Can we trust ourselves enough to know we don’t have the right to control anyone around us?

Can we raise our children to break free from some of these disempowering patterns?

I say

Go where you flow

If you are judged

Meet that with love

I love essential oils to support us in those times, Magnolia oil really helps us with that, helps us feel more compassion for those who wrong us

Because where do the effects of this kind of behavior stop?

If I’ve learned anything in the past 42 years, it’s that is stops with us

We can choose to allow this to affect us, to feed the beast – so to speak

I’ve fed a few beasts in my time

It doesn’t work

They just get bigger, scarier and you start to feel like you are spiraling, with no clear way out

Let us raise our beautiful children to know this, to be free from this kind of drama, and to have an awareness that they are more than enough.

RISE up,

Be Free

Love to YOU

If you or anybody you love struggles with this reach out, connect with me, I’ve some beautiful tools and programs that support you to live a life of freedom X