That niggling PAIN

The kind that just will not let up

The kind you want to suppress and push down…

But it just keeps cropping up.

What IS that pain?

Beauties, it is the greatest gift

I have come to know and love the niggles

Because they serve us in ways we might never imagine

They are an opportunity for growth

Please don’t suppress them

They will only talk to you louder, I promise

I had a profound experience recently

You know how we always have that place in our bodies, where our pain shows up

The favourite space for it to sit


It’s always been my right shoulder and neck

Because in the past I’ve always been so BUSY

Stopping for a moment to truly BE with that pain hasn’t been an option


I would always get a massage, rub on oils, go to sleep… make it go away

For many of you, it may be another type of suppression. Maybe a pill to suppress it some more

Whatever it is, I get it

I’ve always known this pain in the shoulder to be:


Carrying a load

I basically put it down to doing too much

So I’d just slow down when that happened


BUT what I didn’t do was look deeper

Recently I had an experience with a loved one

Where a comment I made got lost in translation


My old wiring would have seen me react to what they said

Instead, I responded

I felt my emotions

Rather than feeling angry, I actually felt sad

I realised that responding in anger, in the past – was the surface emotion

Sad was beneath this


So I sat with that

Guess what happened shortly after?


That pain in my shoulder appeared

This was my “A HA” moment

I thought, “Sit with the pain”

I wonder what this is trying to teach me


As I sat with SAD for a while

I realized I felt other emotions BENEATH sad

I could have said I felt misunderstood, however that is more directed at judgement to the other person

What was really happening was that I FELT LONELY

And when I observed this emotion

It had been sitting beneath many of my emotions

LONELY was the foundation of the dark night of the soul time in my life

and many other times of struggle

Do you know what happened once I acknowledged that?

My pain left me… nothing else was needed but self-understanding

It’s a breakthrough


I wanted to share this

As I know many of you are in pain


I hope it helps you in some way


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