Expression is the highest form of healing, these writings are deepening our own understanding.

I am sharing here with you for, a glimpse into our lives, the journey of an empowered family, the highs, the lows , the transforming pivotal moments, the soul sparks with an intention of speaking to you also, to leave you perhaps changed in some way, maybe it’s by a moment shared that touches you, maybe it’s just by the way you relate. Maybe it’s not today, maybe it’s a moment yet to reach you, but for some reason, you clicked in here today, for everything a reason – always. Big Love 💕




Wise One

The intensity of your pain stopped you in your tracks
At your side, I watched
Feeling helpless
From you I learned more than I have before
Your courage and strength
Opened a doorway for me to feel some of the pain I’ve experienced and pushed away
Despite the beautiful, doctors and nurses attempt to distract you from you pain
Their offerings of, TV, Water, IPAD, Hugs, to move – you wanted none of this
To every suggestion, you clearly declined
Despite all the pain relief your body could take
Your pain was raw & real and you were 100% present with it

It’s wired within many of us (not you Alo) to; suppress pain, numb it, quickly make it go away. One of the greatest challenges of mankind, is to sit within our pain, to observe it, and allow it to teach us. Again, Alo, you were leading this journey and there wasn’t much I could do, except surrender and trust.

Time stood still
As you struggled
I struggled
You resisted help
I struggled, knowing you were resisting the very things that would ultimately help you
Many things just had to happen despite you not wanting them
Tears flowed down my cheek
Echo’s of “You need to be strong Mumma”
Judging myself for not holding it together
Judging myself, for judging myself!
With little to no sleep and no food
Surprised at the reserves we had
Amazing is the human body whose mind is focused
However in these moments
NOTHING else mattered
We were truly present with each other – fully, deeply
Many times our eyes met with such a deep connection

No distractions

Fully present with you

Because in those moments Alo, all that mattered


Although we had no idea what was wrong from a medical perspective
and all that uncertainty
My inner compass, told me you were going to be fine
I trusted that voice
Although blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays showed nothing
Although we were told it may just pass
After much pushing
and advocating for you
You had an ultrasound
to find you had intussusception
of the bowel

Finally, finally

This space you found yourself in made some sense

Thankfully, gratefully we could look to solutions

Two traumatic procedures that weren’t successful
Lead you to surgery
The connection I felt with Dr Adams reassured me that you would be fine
So many times throughout these days Alo
YOU looked deep into my eyes and I felt you – our connection deepened
Alo, your ability to communicate and articulate what you wanted blew us all away
Within the max concoction of pain relief you still managed to stop the Dr in his tracks by yelling “Doctor, c’mon please, I just want to feel free” and “Mum, tell that lady to get her hands off me”
Days on you are recovering and eager to get back out to dig your dirt pile, our little Earth Warrior
How precious you are
We are so grateful for this experience
For the way it has touched our souls
For the way it has taught us just how precious you are
For the way that we have been able to open our hearts more

There were so many moments that broke my heart and spoke to my heart

I will be forever transformed by this experience with you

Beautiful Alo

Keep shining your light little Earth Warrior