Pathway to empowerment

8 week one-on-one empowerment course

Picture this: Regardless of what is happening in your environment, you remain unaffected. You are the master. You are no longer triggered by those around you. You are free. Can you feel it? I know… freedom beauties, freedom.

This is a one-on-one course consisting of 8 weekly one hour focus sessions with additional activities in your own time. Each week you unravel a little more, unearthing you.

I’ve condensed my dark night of the soul adversity journey, my years of experience and wisdom into a simplistic 8 week course.

What you will get from this course

Flip your limiting beliefs to open up new pathways

Unlock your creativity

Up-level your self belief and self love

Light up your truth and learn how to own it

Simple yet profound techniques to tune into your best version

An authentic plan, with clear visions and missions

I do need to warn you: What we work on together can be confronting. However, dancing on the edge, going where its uncomfortable is what gifts you the greatest results.

I won’t do the work for you.

I am the catalyst – nudging you, showing you the power of self observation, so you may see clearly.

There will be plenty to navigate along the way. It’s an adventure! But I know you’re ready to take the trip.

Lets be honest…

You know you have arrived on this page because what you are doing, or perhaps how you are being isn’t currently serving you. Maybe you’ve been to plenty of courses, read a tonne of books, leaned on gurus… but you’re not shifting. I get it! We are speaking the same language, beautiful.

You know, your gifts are not found in a book, or from a guru. Because the truth is YOU ARE THE GURU. You hold the key to unlock the wisdom within you, that wisdom that is screaming to be given a voice. You didn’t think that pain in your body had just a physical aspect did you? Your body is speaking to you, daily.

The truth is healing and coaching go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.

It’s holistic: you can’t work on your mindset if your body is still addicted to the old emotional pathways you’ve been travelling down for decades. We will uncover all that juiciness and make space for you to manifest freedom and tune into your best life.

Let’s leave our masks at the door,
so we can really get down to some soulful business

Coaching can be in person or online

The cost of each session is $88 NZD

Or save 10% by paying the full course cost up front $704 $633.60 NZD

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