You know those days when you feel less than, when that sinking feeling settles in and says to you, “Hey YOU, you’re not nailing it at all, what’s the point it?” And on and on it goes…

In this energetic space, you start to find more evidence as to why you’re not winning at life, and you notice that more of these thoughts keep coming, playing right out in front of you

Have you ever wondered why that is? You’re not going crazy sister, it’s the nature of energy. The more we sit in a vibration, the more we focus on those negative thoughts, the more they find you, the more they stick around.

We truly are the creators of our reality.

I was running the other day (literally), OK it was more like a run/walk. Walking down memory lane, past the first house I bought… memories came flooding back, some were those “high five” ones, “nailing life” memories… and some were lonely, less than high five moments.

Those times when I struggled to know just why the feck was I here, what was my purpose? You know those lonely places you go to.

The truth is

It does get better

All of those icky moments you experience are all perfectly imperfect in their own way, one leading to the other, each having value. Each providing a foundation to who you are today. Without them, you couldn’t truly serve others, because in someway, you are here in service, to make this world a better place – directly or indirectly.

I’ve been thinking about you, beautiful soul. How often do you STOP and disrupt that “I’m not enough” spiral that you travel down? Because last time I looked, you’re a miracle, a beautiful soul with endless possibility.

So, what’s the number one solution to stop all this negative mayhem?

Face your thoughts head on. No suppressing, no running from them. Have a loud conversation with them, let them know you’ve been down this road, more than once!

And the truth is:

This too shall pass

The answer to your struggle is in your past. Have a look at all you’ve conquered already. You are a miracle.

You, embodied to truly live the magnificent life that is all there for you. Magnificent isn’t perfect, however it is beautiful. Every moment of your life, is all of that, even if it challenges you to the point that you feel that you’re breaking. You have everything you need to navigate this life, and it starts with your perception. Shift that, and you’ll truly step into your shiniest version.

You truly are in the driver’s seat. You can’t blame your passenger for the route you are taking, because you are responsible for where you are going, I know it’s a bit stink at first, you’ve been programmed to blame outside of you, but sister, that’s so disempowering. That means you have no power over your outcomes, because you’re gifting that power to someone else. You’ve been there, done that, its time to rewrite your story.

Let’s do that. Lets co-create and magnetise the life you truly desire!

Come journey with me, I’d love for you to truly Shine on