Who might you be?

You are tired, oh so tired
Feeling no space to shine
Feeling unappreciated
Maybe even unworthy
Overwhelm finds you daily
You’re not quite sure who you are…

But you know there must be more

Come along beautiful. It’s time.

Am I ready? Is this right for me?

Yes, you are ready

To up-level. To say YES to YOU. To take back your power.

I know it feels edgy, but its time sister.

Step into your wholistic life, with purpose and freedom.

I have 3 offerings for you:

Pathway to empowerment

8 week one-on-one course

An 8 week course consisting of weekly 1 hour focus sessions with activities in your own time.

Each week you unravel a little more, unearthing YOU.

Freedom seekers

Foundational 4 week online group

A divine taster into just what is possible for you and the next phase of your life

This course consists of a 4 hour commitment online.

Empowered Wellness

Power Hour

An hour with me one-on-one where uncover where are you and where you want to be.

Together we’ll create a plan to get there.

I’m your Empowerment and Wellness Coach

Mentor, facilitator of change, self care queen, catalytic highest version goddess.

All intertwined to bring you abundant offerings.

I can’t wait to share your journey with you.

Leave our masks at the door,
and get down to some soulful business

My Pathway to Empowerment Course can be in person or online

The cost of each session is $88 NZD

Or save 10% by paying the full course cost up front $704 $633.60 NZD

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Want to show up daily in your best version?


It's time to take back your power!

I've put together 7 wisdoms you gotta tune into to help you step into your full and beautiful self.