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Picture this: It’s a typical Monday morning. You wake up brimming with energy, you dive into your morning routine, you don’t have to rush off to work. After you have a peek at your phone, you see just as you expected: money has flowed in overnight while you were sleeping, for doing something that you love. You feel so DAMN grateful, everything has up-leveled in your life – your calmness, your relationships, the way you spend your day… and YOU feel more alive than ever. 

Have you ever dreamed of

A vocation/calling/mission that fulfills your purpose?

Having financial freedom and managing your own schedule?

Receiving ongoing coaching and personal development through your experience?

Aligning yourself with conscious enterprise?

Living your dream life?

That last one is a trick question: of course everyone has dreamed of their “dream life”. But not enough women know that they are actually capable of achieving it.

In a time when we have more opportunity and power over our future than ever, I observe too many women saying, “I could never do that”, “That could never be me”.

It is my absolute passion to hold space for women to shine. It’s like oxygen to me, to witness YOU step into your power.

When doTERRA found me, I knew that it was not only the answer to so many of my own struggles – it was also the solution for so many other beautiful women.

We are the messengers, providing people who need it most with the purest essential oils in the world, which in turn provides us with a purpose and a path to create a lifestyle business.

What kind reality are we creating here?

Reality where our work is our passion – it lights us up, rather than drains us.

Reality where we are able to be PRESENT fully, for our children, our partners, our friends, our families, and ourselves.

Reality where we don’t compare ourselves to others.

Reality where Women work together, supporting each other.

Reality that enables our partners to slow down and rewrite the old outdated story of having to work, work, work to get anywhere.

Reality full of joy, travel and play. Freedom my friends.

Reality where we have the ability to give back, energy, love, money – to all those who are in need.

Reality where we awaken everybody we meet to all of the above!!!

You know that feeling when you connect with “your people”?

Those kind of connections that feed your soul. That’s what we are looking for here.

We get to choose who we work with, who we create with and how that looks for us!

I know… Epic right?!

It’s probably not for you if:

  • You tend to talk a lot about what you want but take very little action.
  • You’re not ALL in
  • You love a hand out. This is a place for those who are action takers, movers and shakers.
  • You love to see the negative in everything.
  • You constantly compare yourself with others.

Every Sunday I plan our week, and as I reflect on this epic business we’ve created and the gifts it has brought to our family, I realise the value the oils bring by way of freedom in our body, mind and spirits. But even more than that… a harmony. A harmony of liberty that enables us to truly plan our week around our family. We’ve stepped into a zone of abundant opportunity and choice, we truly are the creators of our reality. It’s kind of hard for me to describe that feeling. It has tonnes of love, freedom and passion, deliciously packaged into what has become our amazing life.

I co-create with women who are willing to step into their highest light, their best version.

The women I work with have all felt that burning desire, that there must be more… and there is.

These women are seekers, of freedom, who want to up-level, who want to be the ripple of change within their circles of family and friends.

In collaboration we sow the seeds of love, change and transformation in our own lives and the peoples lives we touch, creating an impactful legacy for our future generations.

I’ve found doTERRA to be a divine foundation that provides us the tools, a vehicle of empowerment and a gateway to fulfilling just that.


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