Hi, I'm Vanessa

I want to share with you a quick glimpse into where I’ve been and the roads I’ve traveled.

I’m a Soulpreneur

What is a Soulpreneur? All we create is manifested when we align with our highest version and vibration. To serve and be of service, in the flow, with ease and grace. Emanating BIG LOVE.

I am your guide, holding space for you to shine.

I thrive on real and raw conversations.

I am addicted to up-levelling and transformation.

I don’t for one second believe that any given moment, situation, or experience can define us. They are moments in time, intertwined with the next.

I don’t believe that things happen TO us, everything is happening FOR us. Harness this and you will find freedom.

Where I was

As a child, I had a happy mask on my face. I was people pleasing and telling people what they wanted to hear.

Why? So I could feel loved and accepted.

Following that were eons of allowing myself to feel misunderstood.

Eons of allowing fear to run the show.

Eons of feeling “not enough”.

Eons of chasing something that doesn’t exist: perfection

Eons of feeling tired, disconnected and purposeless.

At age 16, I attempted suicide.

Enter healing, of the natural kind: I tried almost every modality, every remedy.

Enter travel, freedom in my veins. Freedom that ignited my soul spark.

Then it was back to New Zealand, back home.

Then eons of saying “Yes” to everybody and “No” to me.

Eons living out of alignment.

Eons of feeling constantly tired, in my head space, and in pain.

At age 32, I found myself suffering from adrenal fatigue and depression.


I needed to shift, so I did

I went through loads of healing

I changed my career

I became certified in massage therapy

I became a kaha ra mirimiri body work facilitator

I became an energy healing facilitator

I created beautiful wedding ceremonies as a celebrant

I became a conscious and present eco mumma

I invited doTERRA pure essential oils into my life, botanical magic

I embarked on a personal revolution!

Goddess of the Radiant Star, lighting the way

The Wellness Warriors Oil Tribe was born

I became an empowerment coach

I surrounded myself with community, connection, collaboration and co creation

I provide and receive heartfelt leadership

I became a self care queen

Spiritual mastery!

Who I am in this moment

I am an earthy Virgo, down to mumma earth

I am a present eco-conscious mumma to bonus daughter Mya (15) and two beautiful sons, Jesse (8) and Alo (2 ½). My little spiritual warriors here to shake things up.

My partner Beefo is my soul mate, my rock and my best friend.

I am the co-owner of Nativeawa, creating mass native plantings, with a New Zealand made floating wetland system.

I live on a lifestyle block in Mercer, where the kids roam free.

I am 100% invested in nourishing our well being.

I am into diving deep. Small talk doesn’t light me up.

I am ignited by witnessing others shine, by essential oils and by freedom. I’ve gotta feel free in all I do.

I am cyclical, no two days are the same. Some days I eat cake, others I eat kale and I fast.

I am transforming and raising my vibration as we speak!


About 2 years ago the universe decided it was time for me to connect with Vanessa. I remember how beautiful her soul was from the moment she opened the door and I immediately felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be. I was in a state of desperation as I had just started my journey with cancer, however our meeting revealed so much more and through Vanessa we had now opened so many other doors of healing also.

It was not confronting though as Vanessa’s approach puts you right at ease. Her passion for people’s well-being is a deep connection, not a pay check. I couldn’t afford to pay her for all that she has truly given me. I believe that with everything Vanessa armed me with, it gave my body and soul so much power to fight and align from the inside out. To this day I swear that all my side effects from treatment were reduced greatly due to all of the amazing oils and oil based products Vanessa connected me with.

Aside from treatment, Vanessa has been available whenever I have needed her for advice and she has also reached out in many occasions just to touch base and check in. Her intentions are only that of pure joy to connect. She has extended her passion for helping others to my husband and daughter already and we are all better for it.

I love you beautiful lady and I hope you get to connect with so many people as I know you will only enrich their lives. I will be forever grateful that our paths met and knowing I have you in my corner gives me great peace.

Chrys Peleti

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