Hey there

I am Vanessa.

I am an Empowerment and Wellness Coach. A catalyst for you to step into your highest version

I share openly with you the wisdom that has completely opened up opportunity and possibility in my life to not only be the best version of me, but to unapologetically own it with joy and confidence.

I don’t buy into accepting the notion that struggle is just a part of life.

You and I, we are miracles. Ever transforming, energetic beings, seed sowers, givers of life, cyclical beings. Flowing with the waves of life, we are the ripple of change that impacts all the lives we touch. We are the change-makers.

But did I always believe this?

Pathway to empowerment

You’ve been to all the courses, you’ve read every book, followed all the gurus, but you revert back to your old ways of being.

Picture this:

Regardless of what is happening in your environment, you remain unaffected, YOU are the MASTER. You are no longer triggered by those around you, YOU are FREE. Can you feel it?

I KNOW. Isn’t it EPIC.

YOU are the ONE you’ve been waiting for.

Join me on my 8 week Pathway to Empowerment course.

Are you ready to step into your highest version?

Yes, you’re ready. To up-level. To say YES to YOU. It's time, sister!

I’ve created powerful offerings to help you step into your wholistic life, with purpose and freedom.

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Hey beauties, lets be kind to our girlfriends

Hey beauties, lets be kind to our girlfriends

Hey Beautiful Can we chat, from my heart to yours, doesn't it just irk you when you hear of girls making life difficult for other girls! Blah it's one of those aspects about being a female that I, and perhaps many of you have navigated, and learned to rise above....

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Growing from your pain

Growing from your pain

That niggling PAIN The kind that just will not let up The kind you want to suppress and push down… But it just keeps cropping up. What IS that pain? Beauties, it is the greatest gift I have come to know and love the niggles Because they serve us in ways we might never...

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The opportunity to reframe C-19

The opportunity to reframe C-19

Creative19 Calm19 Courageous19 Connection19 Choose19 Consciousness19   A mantra for you Just a little reframing on where your intention and focus could be instead of the C-word 19! Beautiful, can I ask you to feel into this truth?   "Nothing outside of me...

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